Saturday, June 28, 2014

Friday, June 27, 2014

#Indie music: #Peace

Money, taken from the 2nd album by this English indie rock quartet

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

#Japanese style: #TOGA

Yasuko Furuta created the brand TOGAToga originates from the Greek word meaning “draped clothes”

Yasuko Furuta work, combines modern elements of western dress with traditional ideas of the Japanese silhouette and elegant design. Furota’s style is best defined by the use of exclusive fabrics that she has researched thoroughly both in format and application with interesting takes on concepts of volume

The essence of the silhouette provided by TOGA’s clothing is urban and avant garde at the same time and has been compared to man of Japan’s top contemporary and past designers

Love these looks from the SS'14 collection: 

Monday, June 23, 2014

Go Astray: "Keep Loving Me"

After her solo release and an EP as a part of trio KLANGLIEBE, Klangschwester now sets in scene her third apparition as part of duo Go Astray

Karl Gruender and Klangschwester were gone astray while drifting on the same musical wavelength. When he was a child, Karl must have been fallen into a pot of magic potion with a lot of creative and productive energy in it, which is now gushing out and out of him. Since they met on the net, Klangschwester is taking paradisiac soundbathes in these effusions. Inspired and spurred, she puts her voice into rainbow bubbles, watches them flying over the sound, and waits for the moment that they burst. All they say themselves on their “Keep Loving Me“ EP is as short and sharp as their sounds are long and winding: “Unfulfilled aspirations, secret wishes. Doubt and questions. Contrasts. Dark sides. Sexual attraction.” 

The Rich (And the Poor): Keith Jarrett

From the new album "History" by this American pianist and composer who performs both jazz and classical music


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Wednesday, June 11, 2014

#African inspired #fashion: Stella Jean


The style of Stella Jean reflects and evokes her métissage and Creole heritage: blending old continent cultures with the verve of the new continent, marrying the opposites in a femininity well aware of its precious uniqueness.

Through the lines of Italian haute couture craftsmanship beats a sensual elegance, proud and aware but never ostentatious.
The designer’s signature “Wax & Stripes Philosophy” reflects a mood reminiscent of her own multicultural personal journey, translated into a stylistic point of balance, a synthesis of cultures that overcomes what seems to be diametrically opposed. “Wax” represents her maternal roots, Haiti, the first independent black republic in the world, drawing its history in part from West Africa.

The masculine “Stripes” present on shirts, symbolize the her father, from Turin. The “Wax & Stripes Phylosophy” thus professes and projects the culture of encounter: the two cultures never negotiate their own membership, instead mixing in resonse to the needs of the times. Fashion can be used as a cultural translator and a tool against colonization: reestablish the balance between symbols, stories and different worlds through style.

A succession of cultural “trompe l’oeil”, with the desire to branch into even more unexpected stylistic weddings, allowing cultural exchanges and dialogues to finally be equal.
The stylish mixture never strays into caricature or parody, remembering that knowledge and respect should never be subordinate to latitude, but instead must be a “a priority“.

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