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Charlie Winston #Lately

'Lately' is the first single from Charlie Winston’s forthcoming album ‘Curio City’.The album will be Available January 26th 2015

Monday, December 01, 2014

ZDDZ London #newfashionlabel

Inspired by urban graphics and typography such as posters, advertisement, slogans, billboards, Russian textiles and socio-political issues, ZDDZ focuses on unusual, sport related fabrications, irreverent prints, androgynous silhouettes and creating genuinely desirable pieces for women who care about style

FW 2014: 
  Key words for the season
Layers, heavy/light, rebel, typography, school, oversized.
Lines and shapes
Oversized and longline, elongated silohouettes and dropped waistlines. Slouchy bomber jackets and mulit layering,, assymetry versus button up and formal. Contrast and easy wear.
Metallic acetate, cotton, 100% British wool, denim, digitally printed cotton and polyester.
Modern take on high-school uniforms and rebel girls, prints inspired by urban slogans and typography . A layered up range of coordinates that mix and play against each other, dressing up to dress down, putting it all on, the energy of and vibe of doing things your own way

These are my fave looks from this FW collection: 


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#Folk music: You+Me

Rose Ave, debut album by this #folk music duo consisting of Canadian musician-singer-songwriter Dallas Green and American singer Pink

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Today's #music: Febueder

Official video for Febueder's new single 'Owing', taken from the 'Lilac Lane' EP out now

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REJINA PYO: #stripes everywhere

Rejina Pyo is a Korean born fashion designer based in London

She completed her MA degree at Central Saint Martins in 2011, where she created a stand out collection for her show at London Fashion Week. Pyo's use of wooden sculptures together with fluid dresses created a beautifully idiosyncratic mood. Following her show Rejina was chosen by the H&M owned ‘Weekday’, to create a range of designs based on her MA collection that were sold in over 30 of their stores across Europe

Entitled ‘Structural Mode’ this statement collection worked on the boundary between wearable garments and art works, fusing together elements of fashion and sculpture.

What a find! #love her designs!

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#Lego mosaic #clutch bags: Les Petits Joueurs

Maria Sole Cecchi, also known as Les Petits Joueurs designer, was just of age when she left her house in Florence to go to Paris in search of inspiration for a lifetime. 

Inspired by the versality ,the vaste range of colours and the geometric shapes of the Lego’s bricks, the designer’s aim is to create a brand that emphasizes research, which represent the uniqueness of an idea and the desire of creating something different to what is out in the fashion market.

Wednesday, October 15, 2014

#Ibeyi Oya EP

Ibeyi is a French/Cuban musical duo consisting of twin sisters, Lisa-Kaindé and Naomi Diaz. Ibeyi sing in English and the language of Yoruba, a West African language that travelled to Cuba via slavery in the 1700s


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